Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rip off Britain.

Councils around the UK are busy trying to claw every penny out of our pockets. In these austere times they are even having to resort to under hand methods of cashing in. None more so than Sheffield City Council who for instance are fleecing motorists.  Car drivers in Sheffield are being overcharged - via the back door - by parking meter prices ending in 5p and 10p for machines that do not accept five or 10p coins, or even give change.
For a typical £1.25 ticket, motorists without old-style coins would need to use a £1 and two 20p pieces - a total of £1.40 - handing the council an extra profit of 15 pence. 
A council spokesman said: “We have put information on the machines to indicate that the new style 5p and 10p coins are not accepted. We do provide other means of payment including payment by mobile phone.” He said the council was unable to reveal the profit it has made in over payments."
The spokesman went on to add Our officers always give a five-minute observation time before a penalty notice is issued for not displaying a ticket, so people have the opportunity to get change if they find themselves only with a new-type coin.


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