Friday, 3 August 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, some good news.

First of all for the Ladies there is some very good news.

Recent research conducted in Australia reveals that hair is important for UV skin protection. An excess of electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet waveband can cause severe damage to skin cells and their DNA. Fortunately, various natural protection mechanisms exist, but until recently, one has been almost entirely overlooked in the dosimetric literature. New details are revealed in the latest (July 2012) edition of the popular journal Radiation Protection Dosimetry, which features a paper from a cross faculty team at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

Body hair has health benefits to offer. Next time you make plans for your holiday in the sun. There is no need to go to the beauty parlour for that "Full Brazilian" look. You can forget about the wax patches. Now that body hair has positive health benefits. You can put away the factor 25 and the lady shaver. In future the mantra will be leg stubble is no trouble. A well cultivated underarm thatch will be a thing of beauty.

Not only the women will benefit from, beards and the moustaches. They also have significant health benefits to offer the menfolk. No longer used purely for beer filtration, the upper lip hair is now to be encouraged as a sensible precaution. A hairy face will soon be as cool looking as one shaved in ray-ban shades.

The good news for men and women was highlighted in a research paper with the catchy title of: Dosimetric investigation of the solar Erythermal UV Radiation protection provided by body hair, beards and moustaches.

Summery: The longer hair provides a higher UPF at the smaller SZA, but the difference between the protection provided by the longer hair compared with the shorter hair reduces with increasing SZA. Protection from UVR is provided by the facial hair; however, it is not very high, particularly at the higher SZA.

Explanatory note regarding the abbreviations above: UPF means ultraviolet protection factor, SZA means solar zenith angle, UVR means ultraviolet radiation.


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