Monday, 27 August 2012

Keeping in touch!

Keeping in touch has taken on a whole new meaning for some people. Several inventors have attempted over the years to transmit bodily sensations over the Internet so that couples separated by distance can simulate personal affections to each other. 

Mr Samani of the Singapore company Lovotics, introducing his "Kissenger" at a design conference in Newcastle in June. The Kissenger is a large, soft ball with human-like lips. (a bit like Henry) The Kissinger contains many pressure points. These pressure points are then linked together over the Internet. In this way the unique lip movements by one lover are received precisely by the other as if their mouths were actually working the kiss. This will of course lead to the old jokes made on the play of the words of a song - "I wonder who's Kissinger now" being resurrected.

By comparison Kajimoto Lab in Tokyo introduced a machine with a straw-like device, that when rotated by one lover's tongue, theoretically rotated one in the partner's device, thus simulating a "French Kiss." The French version simulator, however ks said to lack the pillow-like facial feel of the Kissenger.

In my case any such internet device connected between me and my loved one would have to be hung around my throat. It would also have to be able to simulate strangling sensations. In a strange sort of way, whenever I get a  phone call from the Memsahib, I find it can tighten the sphincter.  


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