Sunday, 12 August 2012

Intangible and strange memory links.

After taking a gentle swipe at Market Drayton in a previous post. Tongue in cheek I twinned it with Royston Vasey. Afterwards I was minded of Robert Aickman. It's funny how events and people can sometimes provide those intangible and strange mind and memory links.
Robert Aickman is best remembered today by boaters and other inland waterways enthusiasts for co-founding the Inland Waterways Association. 

Robert Aickman was the grandson of the prolific Victorian novelist Richard Marsh whose occult thriller The Beetle, which was in its time as popular as Bram Stoker's Dracula. For Aickman, his Grandfather's work influenced him to write around fifty so called "strange" stories involving the supernatural and macabre over a thirty year period starting in the late forties.
So where is the mind link I hear you ask? The "League of Gentlemen" writer Jeremy Dyson has adapted Aickman's work into various forms of Drama including the BBC Radio Four play 'Ringing the Changes'. Dyson argues that Aickman's literary gifts have been undervalued and during his lifetime he should have received greater critical acclaim. Dyson calls Aickman “the best writer you’ve never heard of.”
Did you know that Robert Aickman has a pseudo blog about his "strange" books. You will find it here. Click Me


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