Sunday, 10 June 2012

Corff Adnoddau Naturiol Cymru

Natural Resources Body for Wales / Corff Adnoddau Naturiol Cymru: The creation of a new environmental body for Wales.

In May, John Griffiths the Welsh Minister for the Environment, announced the findings and conclusions to the Welsh Government's recent public consultation to merge the Countryside Council for Wales, the Environment Agency Wales and the Forestry Commission Wales into a single new body. There was overwhelming support for a new body and Orders have now been published to create the new body and to set out its purpose.

How very astute the folk in Wales must be. Maybe they have been watching the back-end of a Pantomime horse that the on-off metamorphis from BW to CaRT has become.

One has to ask the question, in view of the cock-up that BW/CaRT has become. Especially now that even government committees are questioning the recent facts and figures conjured up by BW. Should BW be transferred into the Environment Agency. Then do a creditable financial report on the viability of the finances and assets of CaRT to continue as a charity.

Could it be any worse?


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  1. Wales is all merged under water now, problem solved..

    Eternal greetings from Comrade H


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