Friday, 11 May 2012

Disgusted of Cyberspace

In the words of a well known ditty "the Internet is for porn" a belief for many of the non too internet savvy. To a point there is some foundation to their worries. However, for others its spam, or the risk of a computer virus, or their identity being stolen. The problem with identity theft comes from gullible people allowing themselves to be socially engineered into a situation.

An on line identity, Internet identity, or Internet persona is a social identity that an Internet user establishes  on line. Some people prefer to use their real names on-line whilst others prefer to be anonymous. Often identifying themselves by means of a pseudonym. Which reveal virtually nothing of their personally identifiable information. I have about a half a dozen such pseudonyms. Some are used for email, some are used for on-line transactions.  I even us a separate one for this blog. Which are then all aggregated into another account for ease of collection.

Yet there are great things happening on the Internet. The important thing is getting it all into perspective. Choose a subject and a great deal of information is instantly at your fingertips. However, the quality of the information will vary. Its because individuals place their own weighting and bias on whatever they write about.

There is this thing that many people have, that anything written must be correct. The reality is that you need to apply a bit of common sense to what you read. My blog comes with a warning on the opening page that says "If You Take This Blog Seriously Then You Are On Your Own" I suppose its a disclaimer - the small print in a contract - call it what you will.

I enjoy being out and about on our boat. I enjoy a laugh and a joke. I enjoy it every now and again when someone says, I read your blog. So far, no one has been really critical of the content. I enjoy meeting people and having a good time. I hope you find the odd stroke of comic genius buried away in there somewhere.

The clientèle of the cut is made up of as diverse a set of people as you are ever likely to meet on the street. We all have one thing in common and that is enjoying the life afloat. However the reasons for being afloat are very varied. For me the various characters on the cut make up a very diverse and entertaining group.

The Internet is as varied and the clientèle is as diverse. For many, they just enjoy the experience. For others its a business opportunity. There are people out there who will try to part you from your cash using any means. There are friendships that are made that will endure. Its a good mixture of the good the bad and the ugly. The big difference is that over the Internet all is conducted at arms length. You don't get the same nuances that you pick up on when you meet someone eye to eye. So you must treat everything and everyone with an extra bit of caution.

Most blogs are based upon a huge range of subjects. The bloggers are individuals who are writing an on-line diary of their thoughts, aspirations or just how bad their day has been. For others its a release mechanism for a part of their life that they would rather they did not have to do, but its almost a duty. Be it looking after children or dependants, for some its being a carer and the expectation that goes with that. 

Personally I love the conspiracy theorists. I marvel at how for some people everything and everyone is out to get them. I also quite enjoy the anti government rant blogs. They are politicians and so their ways should be challenged at all times.

Then there are the "Trolls" the keyboard warriors. Sick people with comments that are horrible or idiotic. Full of angst, misogyny, bile and smelling pisstakes. Venting their oft racist diatribes, fury, inanity and weirdness. Fuelled with horrible, ugly attacks on groups or individuals. Challenge the Troll and you will get "This used to be a free country, what happened to free speech, it's the thought police, did I commit a thought crime, I see that Nineteen Eighty-Four arrived late, I served in the forces for people like you."  The excuses just trip off their glib tongue. 

I have no time for the cyber bullies.


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