Wednesday, 18 April 2012

One for the bog!

It's raining - a most welcome and popular comment in a country suffering from drought. But, as the rain in falls in Sun-less Castleford-upon-Sea, your scribe roams around without the aid of a safety net or a paddle some more creeks and backwaters on the T'internet.

First a disclaimer - the stuff in this posting is neither supported or recommended as being wholesome and/or educational.

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This magazine claims that "Modern Drunkard has been standing up for your right to get falling down drunk since 1996 and is staffed by a group of functional alcoholics. Our readers are enthusiastic drinkers.” 

Only in America could you find such a publication - maybe it's because they have a good clientèle base to build upon. With such advice as "Buying a strange woman a drink is still cool. Buying all her drinks is dumb." or "If you offer to buy a woman a drink and she refuses, she does not like you. If you offer to buy a woman a drink and she accepts, she still might not like you. If she buys you a drink, she likes you." I'll drink to that!

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First published in 1739, The Scots has since grown to be the world’s most widely read Scottish interest publication. The monthly mag features “the country, the people, the culture, the porridge” of Scotland. 

Originally a 48-page news pamphlet, the magazine actually ceased publication at least once, and also changed hands, which leads to some debate over its title as “oldest magazine in continuous publication.”

I like the advice given about words and dialect. "Haar: For those living on the east coast of Scotland, this is a common and often unpleasant occurrence. A haar is a raw sea-mist usually created when cold air from the sea meets high pressure. It can also mean a burr in a person’s speech. " Now that explains why most people don't understand a word spoken by the street philosopher Rab C Nesbitt!

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The first issue of The Miserablist won the Periodicals Training Council’s Magazine Academy competition. Open to student journalists, the PTC  help pay for the winner to be printed and distributed. There’s a world of difference from making a magazine as a classroom exercise to producing something that is judged by the industry. Articles in the first edition include the well balanced "Sex is rubbish" and for those into music and culture "I hate festivals" and the unforgettable fashion critique "What the Fcuk are you wearing".

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Today all Establishment media outlets are projections of the conglomerates that own them. They propagate the consensus view. It has often been observed that there are two ways of looking at the world. You can take the morning paper or nightly news at face value and believe everything you’re told by the corporate-controlled media and those in ‘positions of authority’. Or you can begin to question this mass hypnosis and awake to new perspectives and possibilities. New Dawn is a doorway to this new way of thinking and seeing the world around us. 

New Dawn Collector’s Edition 2012 has articles such as "You Have Less Than 298 Days To Live, Childhood’s End The Agony of Our Collective Puberty, Imperial End Times, and Progress & the Water Dragon." The articles help to give a feel for what the magazine is all about. Space Cadets!

Well, this one is long out of print - but it gives an historical if not hysterical insight to American thinking and values of the 1940's and 50's. American Manhood magazine was an unusual men’s adventure magazine and was published for about two years in the early 1950s.

A cross between a macho muscle builders magazine meets a Superman comic on steroids. Today we have moved on and become a bit more worldly wise about the American culture. Now we see it more as the Dukes of Hazard meets the Beverly Hill Billys on McDonalds.

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Now in the interest of balance and fairness, I have to bring one of our own to prominence. A monthly magazine which is… A sanctuary for all who are irritated by our celebrity-obsessed media and culture.

Unpredictable and eclectic. Britain’s best writers express themselves freely and passionately. Where books and the arts are reviewed without mercy. Full of cartoons and is very funny, and celebrates the unusual and eccentric. 

Think Viz with a zimmer frame!


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