Friday 13 April 2012

BW - Countdown Conundrum

I have a simple question, not to tasking and you will certainly not need an "A" level in mathematics.

How many locks full of water will it take to move down a flight of 17 locks.

Boaters answer... Starting at the top fill the lock, enter lock, drain water into pound below, leave the lock, flood the next lock using the same amount of water as you drained into the pound from the previous lock... iterate for each lock = 1 lock full of water. (50,000 gallons of water)

BW Answer - 17 locks full. (850,000 gallons of water)

Watch and learn - as Spokesman Jeff Whyatt from British Waterways speaks with "great authority" on a subject he obviously knows absolutly nothing about. (Jeff also demonstrates his inability to do a quick mental calculation of 50 times 17). In the time honoured tradition of BW and smoke and mirrors.  Click Here Tauri excreata confusit cerebrum!


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