Sunday, 11 March 2012

Boaters Alphabet (Z)

This is the last one in an occasional series of entries into my blog. The "Boaters Alphabet" today's letter is Z and is for Zany my outlook on life. Z is for Zest and the way I feel about life.


is for Zero the number of letters I have left! I have arrived at the end of my first pass through the boaters alphabet.

is also for Zap, and a time to bring things to an end.

Doing a few Z's is slang for sleep, or having a doze during the day. Enjoying the sunshine with a soft and gentle Zephyr breeze. Today we have reached the Zenith of the Boaters Alphabet. Time for a glass of Zinfandel. Someone has it to do today its our turn.

Zinc anodes - Attached to the hull of the boat to help protect them from corrosion due to electrolysis.
Zabra - A small Spanish sailing vessel.
Zodiac - Inflatable boat.


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  1. And em, that just about zips it all up for now :-]



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