Monday, 30 January 2012

The Boaters Alphabet (K)

This is one of an occasional series of entries into my blog. The "Boaters Alphabet" today's letter is K and is a costal and inland trading boat, the Humber Keel.

The Keel was a common vessel trading along the east coast and on the Humber during the 9th and 10th Centuries. The Keel is unique in this country for preserving the working square rig into the 20th Century. Sailed over a trading ground that was usually along the Humber waterways with the occasional, coastal passage. The Sheffield sized keel being able to travel as far along the navigation the canal basin. The main features of the hull are exceedingly bluff bows, massive lee boards and arched hatch covers.

is  for Kiss (Keep It Simple Stupid) a well known principle for keeping life uncomplicated and relaxed. I always try to adhere to the KISS principle. Anything for the quiet life. Now the quiet life has to be earned and so someone has it to do. This time it would seem its my turn.

Now where did I put my book on pipe dreams?

Keel - the center line of a boat running fore and aft, the backbone of a vessel.
Keel - a type of boat.
Knot - a measure of speed equal to one nautical mile or 6076 feet per hour.
Knot - a fastening made to tie a small rope to an object.
Knot - a magnificent wading water bird.
Ketch - a sailboat with a tall main mast and a shorter mizzen mast.
Kill switch - a switch that automatically shuts off a boat engine.


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