Wednesday, 3 November 2010


I took the dog for our morning constitutional, the sky had a bit of a sunrise, but it was all a bit lack lustre. However, the autumnal colours on the trees came shining through and they are truly spectacular. This is mother nature at her very best. Yes, I know its cold, yes, I know it wet.  But at the same time the autumn is a time of great natural beauty - it just needs you to pop you nose round the door and to take a long long look. Nature is the worlds best artist by far.

On the way to the salt mine, it was raining twice, tree leaves and water. Now if you're not a motorcyclist you might not be aware that when wet, a leaf on the road is like ice. So if you are following a biker over the autumnal period and until all the foliage has cleared from the road. Give them a bit more respect on the bends in the road.


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